“How to Make at Least $408 per Month on the Side”


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The purpose of this ebook is to help you transition from an employee to an entrepreneur.
This eBook has 5 chapters:
  • Chapter 1: The Purpose of This eBook
  • Chapter 2: Making a Plan to Quit Your Job
  • Chapter 3: Is it Possible to Make $408 per Month?
  • Chapter 4: 3 Different Ways to Make $408 per Month
  • Chapter 5: Conclusion
In the 4th chapter, Deepak discussed 3 major ways to make $408 per month.
The three different ways including:
  1. Blogging and Selling Ads on Your Blog
  2. Blogging and Making Income from Affiliate Marketing
  3. Blogging and Making Income by Selling Products on Your Blog
We hope this ebook will guide you on how to start making income from a side project.
The original author of this book is Deepak Kanakaraju (www.digitaldeepak.com).

Make money online